Our Mission

Our mission is to eliminate systemic barriers in low and middle income countries that reduce access and affordability to surgical care by disseminating innovative surgical knowledge and promoting cross-sector collaboration. 

Safe, affordable reconstructive surgery and proper anesthetic procedures are an often overlooked global health issue with definite humanitarian and economic consequences. Launched in 2019, Nuôy addresses the systemic barriers that impede access to these services.

Many organizations deliver high-quality surgical care in regions of need, while others deploy innovative surgical curriculums around the world, educating local groups in improved standards of care. However, these humanitarian efforts lack systemic cohesion. This may result in unnecessary duplication of services and resources in the same areas, and competition amongst non-profits. Valuable funds and care opportunities are wasted. 

Nuôy’s holistic strategy starts with the development of a global coalition of humanitarian non-profits. By prioritizing transparency and exchanging best practices, we are able to facilitate the delivery of surgical and anesthetic training and care worldwide. An equally important element is the empowerment of the regional ecosystem of care providers. Integrating local knowledge and personnel ensures that outside expertise can be properly and efficiently implemented. 

Nuôy’s intention is to broaden the organization into a global movement, engaging volunteers and staff at the regional, national, and international level.  

By empowering regional experts and increasing transparency and organized collaboration between humanitarian nonprofits, Nuôy will reduce the missed opportunities to improve the lives of countless people in need around the world. 

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